Kawakawa Combination.
Kawakawa Combination.
Kawakawa Combination.
Kawakawa Combination.
Kawakawa Combination.
Kawakawa Combination.

Kawakawa Combination.

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Combination includes -

1 x 50 ml Kawakawa Tincture valued at $25. 

Dosage for kawakawa Tincture - 2 - 5 ml mixed into water two times per day. Practitioner strength liquid extract.

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquid extracts of herbs macerated in alcohol and distilled water over 6 weeks. Tinctures extract the plant’s active medicinal compounds.

1 x 50 gram kawakawa balm valued at $37.

1 x free 10 g bag of wildcrafted kawakawa leaf tea valued at $10.

Kawakawa what is the big deal?

Most kiwis already know, topical use of kawakawa will work wonders for many skin conditions-cuts, boils, abscesses, wounds, eczema, rheumatic pains, due to the plant compounds that exert anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antimicrobial effects.

What else is  kawakwaka good for?

In the clinic, I have witnessed amazing results with the client's regular use of kawakawa when used as a tincture. Medicinal actions of this plant work as a treat for a broad range of health-related problems.

Listed below are the medicinal actions of kawakawa when used as a liquid tincture.

Antimicrobial-a substance that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms.

Analgesic - a substance that relieves pain.

Circulatory stimulant - improves blood flow to periphery tissues.

Depurative - reduces the accumulation of metabolic waste, improving blood quality.

Diuretic - increases urinary output.

Adaptogenic - increases the body's resistance to physical, environmental, emotional stressors promoting normal physiologic functions of the body.

Anti-inflammatory - reduces inflammation.

Listed below are the incredible benefits of kawakawa.

Taken daily you will notice-

-Digestive benefits ;

-reduced bloating

-reduced stomach pains

-reduced indigestion due to the carminative effects.


Skin conditions;

-improved clearance of eczema.

-improved clearance of boils.

Arthritic and painful conditions,

-reduced swelling

-reduced inflammation

-reduced pain


Respiratory effects 

-reduced coughing

-clearance of mucous

Improved circulation

-clearance of chilblains

- improved arterial and venous flow

- improved Raynaud's

As you can see, kawakawa has so many medicinal applications which have a tonic-like effect through the body. Kawakawa is one of the most loved and widely used of our native herbs, native herbal gold!

Use a liquid kawakawa tincture combined with kawakawa balm for maximum benefits.