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Naturopath Consultations.

Denise Martin N.D M.H.D
Naturopath, Medical herbalist .
Providing complementary health management, herbal prescriptions and a specialty range of native New Zealand balms, creams and tonics.
The consultation process involves in depth questionnaires, conversations about health concerns and client history of health.
Once all of the necessary details have been taken into consideration the next step is deciding what is the best treatment plan according to your specific requirements dietary and  lifestyle habits.
Then we will decide on the most appropriate nutritional and herbal formulations to restore body balance and overall health.
You are in charge of your treatment plan with my guidance. Nutritional advice and supplementation will be given after the consultation, provided as a personalised treatment plan. 
Online -  Skype - video calls, online consults are very user friendly and popular.
Clinic   -  for those who prefer to meet.
$30         per half hour or follow up appointments.
$60         per hour -  initial in depth consultation.
Upon request or where I think most appropriate I will use native New Zealand herbs for liquid formulations.