Kawakawa Balm, New Zealand's favourite all rounder.
Kawakawa Balm
Kawakawa Balm
Kawakawa Balm
Kawakawa leaves

Kawakawa Balm, New Zealand's favourite all rounder.

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Kawakawa is one of New Zealand's most prized and well used native herbs. The ancient Māori people of this land had tohunga (spiritual experts) who used rongoā (plant medicine) for all kinds of health ailments. Traditionally this herb was used for topical applications by methods of steam or poultice. 

The kawakawa leaves contain a unique phytochemical (plant chemical) called myristicin, which has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. This knowledge is not new among Māori as it has been used for hundreds of years to treat and soothe many inflammatory conditions of the skin and body such as eczema, insect bites, skin boils, skin rashes, dry & irritated skin and painful joints.

This balm is made from Wildcrafted Kawakawa leaves (plants harvested from their natural habitat) blended with organic New Zealand beeswax and cold-pressed organic olive oil, which have antioxidant and healing properties of their own. A luxurious medicinal balm, rich in native New Zealand's beautiful exotic healing herbs.

Three methods of plant chemical extraction are used to make this balm. Water, ethanol, and oil, each extraction method supplies different plant chemicals for a powerful therapeutic effect.

The plant extracts imprint a beautiful rich green colour derived from the medicinal chemicals extracted from the leaves. 

All-natural ingredients:  Wildcrafted kawakawa leaves, organic New Zealand beeswax, organic cold-pressed olive oil, kawakawa extract. Made from a three-way extraction process - oil, water, and ethanol infusions which extract the necessary compounds myristicin and elemicin, needed for a medicinal effect.

Directions: Balms are very versatile due to their moisturizing and soothing properties. 

Kawakawa balm uses; lip balm, intensive hand cream, body moisturiser, nail and cuticle oil, nappy irritation, itchy bite soother, elbow or heel balm.

Made with love by a local Medical Herbalist from Okere Falls, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Contraindications: Do not use on open wounds.

Kawakawa what is the big deal?

Most kiwis already know, topical use of kawakawa will work wonders for many skin conditions-cuts, boils, abscesses, wounds, eczema, rheumatic pains, due to the plant compounds that exert anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antimicrobial effects.

In the clinic, I have witnessed amazing results with the client's regular use of kawakawa when used as a tonic. Medicinal actions of this plant work as a treat for a broad range of health-related problems.

Listed below are the Medicinal actions of kawakawa when used as a liquid tonic

Antimicrobial-a substance that inhibits the growth of or destroys micro


Analgesic - a substance that relieves pain.

Circulatory stimulant - improves blood flow periphery tissues.

Depurative - reduces the accumulation of metabolic waste, improving blood quality.

Diuretic - increases urinary output

Adaptogenic - increases the body's resistance to physical, environmental, emotional stressors promoting normal physiologic functions of the body.

Anti-inflammatory - reduces inflammation

Listed below are the incredible benefits of kawakawa.

Taken daily you will notice-

Digestive benefits ;

-reduced bloating

-reduced stomach pains

-reduced indigestion due to the carminative effects.

Skin conditions;

-reduced eczema

-clearance of boils

Arthritic and painful conditions,

-reduced swelling

-reduced inflammation

-reduced pain

Respiratory effects 

-reduced coughing

-clearance of mucous

Improved circulation

-clearance of chilblains

- improved arterial and venous flow

- improved Raynaud's

Kawakawa is one of the most widely used of our native herbs, native herbal gold.