Kava Calm Balm
Kava relaxation balm
Kava Balm
Kava Balm
raw kava used for kava balm

Kava Calm Relaxing Balm.

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Kava Calm Balm is a supreme ally for restoring inner tranquillity and reaching a state of deep relaxation. External use provides profound relief to areas of muscular tension and pain, particularly those which arise as the result of mental and emotional stress, as well as deeply restorative and sweet sleep. It is heavenly massaged onto just washed feet at the end of a long day as a decadent ritual for winding down.

Kava Balm relieves joint pain, inflammation, strained muscles, sore necks, sore backs, headaches caused by muscle tension, anxiety, sleeplessness, muscle pain and stress.

Made with love by a local Medical Herbalist from Okere Falls, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Directions: Apply kava balm to the shoulders, neck, sacrum, lower back, or any other area that feels rigid and inflexible after an overwhelming and hectic day. 

 For Sleep: Apply to each temple (rub a small dab into the temples) to aid with relaxation, anxiety, and sleep.

All-natural ingredients: All-natural ingredients: Organic kava sourced from the South Pacific Islands. Organic cold-pressed New Zealand olive oil, Organic New Zealand beeswax. Made from oil, water, and ethanol infusions for superior Kavalactone extraction. Made with love by a local Medical Herbalist from Okere Falls, Rotorua.

Contraindications:  Do not use kava balm if you have; liver conditions, eczema, use antipsychotic or antidepressant medications.