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My ingredients are organically sourced from New Zealand's bees, herbs and trees, wherever possible. I carefully select these ingredients for their active medicinal and non-toxic properties. All of my organic oils, waxes and herbs are grown in New Zealand, made in small batches to guarantee quality, and come in recyclable and refillable containers. 

Discover the natural healing properties of manuka and kanuka.



I've been blown away by the effectiveness of the kava balm. It's been a great help for tender muscles or recovering from injury. It's also helped with sleep, better used in the evening. It's always good to find a top quality natural product that works incredibly well.

Mike Dawson. New Zealand Olympic Athlete.

I've been using the kava balm on my shoulder and its the only thing so far that has helped with the pain and inflammation. My shoulder movement has freed up a lot and the pain is gone. I highly recommend it!

Jen Murray

My son has had a rough start to life and struggled to relax and sleep. We tried east kava balm on his wrists at night and it was truely life changing for us. He has regular sleep patterns and would be relaxed prior to bed time.

Katharina Uhl

I love N.Z native medicines manuka kanuka hand sanitiser. It smells great, and doesn't appear to dry my skin like the commercial brands and at 2 squirts, the 100ml bottle should last a while. Perfect size for the car.

Pene Lope

The smell of the kanuka manuka hand sanitiser just reminded me of nature. Love that it is in a glass bottle and with only a couple of squirts required a little went a long way. And it doesn't make your hands feel dry afterwards! 

Tammy Walker

The kava lotion is so soothing and really helped with inflammation on my arm and muscles, it works wonders on muscle pain.

Kelsey Eames



Today we have a beautiful fusion of knowledge, where tradition and science meet. With ancient traditional use and scientific confirmation of the active plant phytochemicals, we are in the best position to understand how and why our beautiful native herbs work.


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